Recruitment for interviews

Currently, I'm working on recruiting interviewees. Initially, I was thinking to interview first people as developers of BfW and later on, people as users. However, I realised this was a bad choice at two levels. A practical one: the whole process of interviewing one group at a time could result in delays (e.g. If I have to wait 2 months before I complete developers interviewing without even beginning to make questions to users I can end up having some problems when unexpected delays happen.). At a theorical level: it is somewhat artifical to distinguish informants' categories between "developers" and "users". They are both at the same time.

Anyway, I currently sent reruitment calls in the international community (-dev mailing list, #wesnoth-dev) and in the italian community forum, and I'm really satisfied by the answers provided by the people. They showed supportive about my research and provided some useful clarifications. For instance, I overlooked the fact that artist developers are far more present within the international forum than they are in the mailing lists and IRC.

I definitely need more people to interview, but I'm sure that with the few ones who already offered their help, I can let emerge some good hints about development/use mediation in Wesnoth.

Coming back soon - Some updates, in the meantime

The last entry of this blog is quite old. However, I'm not dead neither I stopped my PhD project :) So, here I just provide a quick update.

Since the end of december, until beginning of march I mainly worked on producing a Reasoned Bibliography (which I also uploaded here). This kind of document is not equal to the so-called commented bibliographies. These ones are bullet lists of references each of which is provided with a brief comment attempting to put it in to context and in relation to a given topic/research. Within my doctoral school, the reasoned bibliography is framed as an attempt to locate the relevant academic debates for the research and to present them in a discursive manner. An early attempt at building up the theoretical chapter.

Keeping up the pace: from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3 installation

The new development release of Battle for Wesnoth (1.9.3) is now out, just one month after the release of the 1.9.2! It seems that developers are working hard before going to holidays.

However, as I wrote here, I'm about to start developing a little scenario (for multi-player), and for this I decided to work on the development version of BfW. It took me a little bit to compile BfW 1.9.2 and to install and configure the Wesnoth-UMC IDE, so yesterday when I saw the announcement of the new dev release I  was surprirsed. Morever, I was undecided about what to do.

Finally, I decided to upgrade my testing/development environment to the 1.9.3, bascially because I really did not have the time to start writing anything for my scenario. So instead of starting on a version that is already old, I preferred to take the time to upgrade it. This means doing the whole compiling & installation process again.

This time, it took me much less. However, due to some misconfiguration of folder names I think I hit some conflicts between 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 versions on my laptop. So I had to remove both versions and re-install again the 1.9.3

As of now, the version 1.9.2 is no longer installed on my laptop.

Aggregator: adding Wesnoth-UMC-Dev blog

Feed (by OpenClipArt)

During the past week, the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev project updated its working platform with renewed style and improved functionalities. Moreover, they added a nice feed which will keep interested people informed about what is going on in the project.

Since I'm interested in understanding better how this project works and since I will also attempt producing my small UMC for Battle for Wesnoth, I decided to integrate their ffed into this website. That's why as of yesterday, you can see an additional block on the bottom right area.

I'm also considering to add, in future, more feeds that related to BfW, if I find relevant ones!

Setting up the installation for BfW development branch (1.9.2)

I spent most of yesterday and part of today in installing the development version of BfW (currently 1.9.2) and the new Interface for creating User Made Content (I'll write more about this in future post).

Basically, I decided to learn how to create simple  scenarios (or other kind of user made content) in order to understand what kind of challenges users, who enter this activity, should face, what competences are required for it and what kind of rewardings it provides. However, the BfW development version will introduce substantial changes into the WML code and for this reason the 1.8 content (and earlier) will need some work to be ported into 1.9 (and future releases). Moreover, for the same reason, the Wesnoth UMC IDE does not work with earlier versions than 1.9.

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