Keeping up the pace: from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3 installation

The new development release of Battle for Wesnoth (1.9.3) is now out, just one month after the release of the 1.9.2! It seems that developers are working hard before going to holidays.

However, as I wrote here, I'm about to start developing a little scenario (for multi-player), and for this I decided to work on the development version of BfW. It took me a little bit to compile BfW 1.9.2 and to install and configure the Wesnoth-UMC IDE, so yesterday when I saw the announcement of the new dev release I  was surprirsed. Morever, I was undecided about what to do.

Finally, I decided to upgrade my testing/development environment to the 1.9.3, bascially because I really did not have the time to start writing anything for my scenario. So instead of starting on a version that is already old, I preferred to take the time to upgrade it. This means doing the whole compiling & installation process again.

This time, it took me much less. However, due to some misconfiguration of folder names I think I hit some conflicts between 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 versions on my laptop. So I had to remove both versions and re-install again the 1.9.3

As of now, the version 1.9.2 is no longer installed on my laptop.

Anyway, for the record, building the source code and installing the software using scons became rather easy. I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit and once I installed all the dependencies package (as listed here), I just run the following command for building:

scons build=debug program_suffix=1_93 datadirname=wesnoth1_93

and this one for installing:

sudo scons install

pretty easy (once you know it). Morevoer, for the building process, the simple scons command would work. I added some options just for my own curiosity.

Here are the instructions for building BfW from source.

Now, I'd really need to start working on the scenario development, no more excuses...a part from the Christmas holidays approaching :)


Have you considered SVN?

If you used SVN you could stay as up to date as you wanted. You could always be at the bleeding edge of development, downloading every change as it came in. Or you could just update every week or so. You would never again be forced to completely reinstall the game. It'd be very easy for you now that you have all the dependencies installed. 

1. svn co wesnoth-trunk
2. scons
Then whenever you wanted to update you'd cd to wesnoth-trunk and run:
1. svn up
2. scons


Gambit thanks for the tip!

Actually, I only roughly considered it because I do not really need to create my UMC on the very-latest dev version. But honestly, I did not expect that working on SVN would be that easy...maybe I'll give it a try

for the record

I checked out the trunk and I compiled with

scons build=debug program_suffix=SVN datadirname=wesnothSVN

the building process run out without errors and the game works! Excellent

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