Theoretical chapter

The chapter attached below is intended as the first full blown draft of my dissertation's theoretical chapter. It is an ordered and focused reflection that will (theoretically) frame the key arguments and findings of my doctoral research. It is derived from the work previously done on the Reasoned bibliography and from the first period of field work. The chapter will certainly be modified before the final completion of the dissertation, but it served as a key milestone, a sort of 'deliverable', required for the completion of the second academic year in my doctoral programme. So far, it received praises from the scientific programme board and positively evaluated.

The chapter, provisionally titled Users Participation in Free Software continuous and distributed design addresses the three main concepts/phenomena that frame the title itself: users participation; free software (paradigm/development); and continuous and distributed design. Broadly speaking, the arguments developed in the chapter cross the three areas of Participatory Design, Free Software studies, and Information/Software Systems development. Each main section departs from the traditional definition of the phenomenon in the pertaining area and it reaches a refined and up-to-date conceptualization of the same phenomenon.