About me


My name is Giacomo, I was born in August 1980 in Pesaro, a small Italian town located on the middle of Italian East coast, on the Mediterranean Sea. I obtained my main degree in Philosophy in Bologna and after that I moved a lot across Europe. I lived in Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands and Germany.  Since October 2009 I moved back to Italy, in Trento, as I was accepted for enrollment in the PhD programme "Sociology and Social Research" of the University of Trento.

I think of myself as an ironic, friendly, calm, patient and self-critical (sometimes way too much) person. I love: good old 70s rock and punk-rock,  swimming in the sea, hiking on mountains,  and partying with good friends. About 5 or 6 years ago, I discovered Free Software and since then I am a supporter of what it represents and a user. Not being able to code, I help in the communities of my favourite programs by submitting bugs and supporting new users.

My research interests have always been related to collaborative efforts, online participation, distributed innovations and Information technology in general, both from socio-historical and socio-technical perspectives.

To have a look at some of my other on-line identities look here.