Successes and transitions in Wesnoth-UMC-dev

The Coordinated Wesnoth UMC Development Project aims to solve some common issues found in cooperative and solo development of add-ons for the Battle for Wesnoth, by providing facilities for coordination, organization and collaboration using’s great platform for open-source projects. (Link)

It looks like Wesnothian people really like (and probably need) this platform for collaborative add-on development. Indeed, few days ago, the Wesnoth-UMC-dev project hit the 10000th commit to the repository since the day the project was launched, in 2008.

Since the day it was launched many new add-ons were registered to the Wesnoth-UMC-dev project and many new contributors started using the platform. As of today, the UMC-dev registry lists 88 projects more or less equally divided amongst, Eras, Campaigns, and miscellaneous utilities. Few of these got registered in 2008, in UMC-dev's early days, however, many others joined in the following years.

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