Opening talk at Fosdem 2012. BruxellesFosdem 2012

On the 4th and 5th February, I attended FOSDEM'12. Very exciting and inspiring!! My expectations were not disregarded :)

I was aware that over the years, FOSDEM became a large community event, but I honestly did not expect such a wide audience. Amazing.

As a more substantial consideration, since my research interests rest on how end-users (the non-technical or non-geeky users as some speakers referred to :) ) participation to FOSS project influences the software continuous design, I was very pleased and interested in realizing the the topics of why, and how end-users should/could be more integrated in FOSS projects entered inside the broader community culture. I'm not saying that I expected these topics to be absent (for instance, they were discussed already in this conference), however, I did not expect them to be so central in many talks.

Looking forward to FOSDEM 2012

FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) is probably the biggest non-commercial event where FOSS enthusiasts, developers and users meet every year. This year it takes place on the 4th-5th February, in Brussels (as usual).

It is since long that I'm trying to go there, but for one reason or another I never managed to. This year I have one reason more to go there and, indeed, my flights and rooms for FOSDEM are finally booked!

The reason is that many FOSS game developers set up a devroom for the 5th, where they will talk about issues related to FOSS game development. I definitely want to be there and to listen to the BfW related talk, in particular!! :)

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