Successes and transitions in Wesnoth-UMC-dev

The Coordinated Wesnoth UMC Development Project aims to solve some common issues found in cooperative and solo development of add-ons for the Battle for Wesnoth, by providing facilities for coordination, organization and collaboration using SourceForge.net’s great platform for open-source projects. (Link)

It looks like Wesnothian people really like (and probably need) this platform for collaborative add-on development. Indeed, few days ago, the Wesnoth-UMC-dev project hit the 10000th commit to the repository since the day the project was launched, in 2008.

Since the day it was launched many new add-ons were registered to the Wesnoth-UMC-dev project and many new contributors started using the platform. As of today, the UMC-dev registry lists 88 projects more or less equally divided amongst, Eras, Campaigns, and miscellaneous utilities. Few of these got registered in 2008, in UMC-dev's early days, however, many others joined in the following years.

Aggregator: adding Wesnoth-UMC-Dev blog

Feed (by OpenClipArt)

During the past week, the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev project updated its working platform with renewed style and improved functionalities. Moreover, they added a nice feed which will keep interested people informed about what is going on in the project.

Since I'm interested in understanding better how this project works and since I will also attempt producing my small UMC for Battle for Wesnoth, I decided to integrate their ffed into this website. That's why as of yesterday, you can see an additional block on the bottom right area.

I'm also considering to add, in future, more feeds that related to BfW, if I find relevant ones!

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