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Coming back soon - Some updates

The last entry in this blog is three months old now, but not the blog nor the research are dead. I'll come back soon to write about the final phase of data collection and the analysis of data.

This long blogging break was due to several factors. First of all I needed some days of vacation, therefore I took-off a couple of weeks in mid-august. In September, I had to tune up with other senior colleagues at University to follow their planning of some courses/seminars for the next academic year. Moreover, I had to work hard on the writing of the theoretical chapter of my dissertation, which took me more than one month. Therefore in these months I had no time to keep working on data collection in a consistent way, let alone blogging about it.

Anyway, although I still have to finish setting up part of a seminar and one introductory course for this academic year, starting from the end of the next week I'll be back dedicating more time to the research itself, therefore more blog entries will soon appear. Stay tuned! :)

Coming back soon - Some updates, in the meantime

The last entry of this blog is quite old. However, I'm not dead neither I stopped my PhD project :) So, here I just provide a quick update.

Since the end of december, until beginning of march I mainly worked on producing a Reasoned Bibliography (which I also uploaded here). This kind of document is not equal to the so-called commented bibliographies. These ones are bullet lists of references each of which is provided with a brief comment attempting to put it in to context and in relation to a given topic/research. Within my doctoral school, the reasoned bibliography is framed as an attempt to locate the relevant academic debates for the research and to present them in a discursive manner. An early attempt at building up the theoretical chapter.

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