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Muddy waters - Usability and design issues

Ford (Flat, Shallow Water)Ford/Flat

Grey Shallow Water/ (Shallow Water)Grey Shallow Water

Grey Deep Water/ (Deep Water)Grey Deep Water

Starting with Wesnoth development series (1.9.x) new graphics and animations for terrain and unit types were introduced. These new graphics enrich the gaming experience, since they render the board smoother to the sight.

However, some users highlighted some problems with these new terrain types, in particular for water based terrains. It seems rather hard to distinguish at first sight the type of terrain for certain 'waters'.

Is it a problem? Why?

Examples of total conversions and 'total add-ons'

As I mentioned in this post, WML is often used by Wesnoth users to create their own content and to enrich the game with possibilities that bend (or blur) its original design. While browsing the forum's "Experimental Corner", I discovered that the idea of doing a total conversion for Wesnoth (and bring it to completely new settings) was not as new as I thought, when first reading the title of that thread. Indeed, total conversion projects for Wesnoth have been attempted in the past. Two notable examples are Spacenoth and The World of Orbivm. [caption align=right]

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