Quotes from the field

This book collects the quotes that are, in many ways, relevant and interesting for my research. They come from interviews, forums discussions, e-mails or any other sources used in my research.

Anonymity will be preserved by hiding the informants' identity or, in case of quotes from public discussions, by modifying portion of the text, in order to avoid text-based queries.

This collection of quotes is a work in progress and it is not intended, in any way, to disrespect the work, fun and efforts made by people around the Battle for Wesnoth project. It is just an attempt to show what strikes me the most in relation to my research objectives.

On features suggestion - Quote from the field


"People have a lot of ideas about how Wesnoth could be improved. Some get turned down because they're bad. Some get turned down because they're not possible. A lot get turned down because they're already possible to do in an add-on. But some get turned down because of “developer preference”. Those are things where the developers just like something better a certain way." (Wesnoth contributor, 12/06/2011)

On playtesting - Quote from the field


"Since I joined the developers I don't play much anymore. Testing the stuff I am responsibly for is just enough and I don't even enjoy it anymore. Playtesting is hard work." (Wesnoth developer, Interview 12/05/2011)

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